Indirect Taxes - Sales & Service Taxes, Excise Consultancy & VAT  
  The Sales Tax / VAT Consultancy includes the following services:  
  • Indirect Tax Advisory | Advising Companies, Firms and Individuals on Sales Tax / VAT Matters; Planning.
  • Indirect Tax Management | Attending to registration, renewals, periodic returns and compliances.
  • Appeals | Liaison with senior tax counsel for cases at Tribunal and High Court and for legal opinions.
  Excise Duty / Service Tax Consultancy includes the following services:  
  • Excise Duty / Service Tax Planning.
  • Assistance and monitoring of Excise /  Service Tax Audit by Department.
  • Preparation of Cost Accounting Records in term of Cost Accounting (Records) Rules.
  • Internal Audit of Excise / Service Tax Records and assuring management of correctness of payments to Excise / Service Tax Authorities.
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