Statement of case to High Court.

36. (1) Within sixty days from the passing of an order under section 33 or section 35 by the Tribunal affecting any liability of any dealer to pay tax under this Act, such dealer or the Commissioner may, by an application in writing, accompanied by a fee of five hundred rupees in case the application is made by a dealer, require the Tribunal to refer to the High Court any question of law arising out of such

Provided that for the purposes of calculating the period of sixty days the period spent in obtaining the copy of the order shall be excluded.

(2) If for the reasons to be recorded in writing, the Tribunal refuses to make such reference, the applicant may within ninety days of such refusal either -

(a) withdraw his application (and if he does so, the fee paid shall be refunded); or

(b) apply to the High Court against such refusal.

(3) If upon the receipt of an application under clause (b) of sub-section (2), the High Court is not satisfied of the correctness of the decision of the Tribunal, it may require the Tribunal, to state the case and refer it, and on the receipt of such requisition, the Tribunal shall state and refer the case accordingly.

(4) If the High Court is not satisfied that the statements in a case referred to under this section are sufficient to enable it to determine the question raised thereby, it may refer the case back to the Tribunal to make such additions thereto or alterations therein as the Court may direct in that behalf.

(5) The High Court upon the hearing of any such case shall decide the question of law raised thereby, and shall deliver its judgement thereon containing the grounds on which such decision is founded and shall send to the Tribunal a copy of such judgement under the seal of the Court and the signature of the Registrar, and the Tribunal shall dispose of the case accordingly.

(6) Where a reference is made to the High Court under this section the cost shall be in the discretion of the Court.

(7) The payment of the amount, if any, of the tax due in accordance with the order of the Tribunal, in respect of which an application has been made under sub-section (1), shall not be stayed pending the disposal of such application or any reference made in consequence thereof, but if such amount is reduced as a result of such reference, the excess tax paid shall be refunded in accordance with the provisions of section 20.